The Momma K's Story

When you live in Rochester, NY "Meat Hot Sauce" is a delicacy! In fact, outside of Rochester, most people are unsure of what meat hot sauce is. For the majority of people (ourselves included) you would put meat hot sauce on your hamburgers, hot dogs, and other "char-broiled" type foods. However, Momma K's changes this entirely! A uniquely flavored meat style "hot" sauce, where the "hot" refers to temperature rather than spiciness! In fact, it has a sweet flavor with the perfect blend of spice making it delicious on just about everything!

Uncle Jim, Momma K, MJ 

With inspiration from Uncle Jim and by the grace and leading of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Momma K's Meat Hot Sauce came to be. A family recipe for many years, Uncle Jim's meat hot sauce was always a hit! It wasn't until Momma K's son opened up a food cart in Spencerport, NY that she began to put her own twist on a long time family recipe. Uncle Jim has since tasted and given his stamp of approval on the meat hot sauce and with prayerful consideration we have decided to bring it to you!