How many ways to Momma K's?

Here are a variety of pictures and recipe ideas to showcase how many ways you can use Momma K's!

**note most of these pictures have been submitted to us by our great customers who have enjoyed Momma K's! If you have some recipe ideas and would like to share message us and let us know or post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GetMommaKs
Momma K's Breakfast Sandwich Momma K's Scrambled Eggs Momma K's Italian Sausage Momma K's Steak and Mushrooms Momma K's French Fries Momma K's Burger Momma K's Turkey Chili Momma K's Breakfast Momma K's Garbage Plate Momma K's Healthy Spinach Chicken Plate Momma K's Chicken Sandwich Momma K's Chicken Breast Momma K's Chicken Wings Momma K's Pizza Momma K's Plate Pizza Momma K's Egg Sandwich